GCFGSAVE.com is a division of Gold Coast Financial Group dedicated to investment instruments that may provide investors with tax advantaged features and strategies.

1031s / DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) »

A 1031 or “like-kind” exchange is a strategy in which a property owner may defer all or a portion of the taxable gain from the sale of property.

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DST 2.0 - Deferred Sales Trust »

A strategy to sell highly appreciated real estate or businesses and defer the taxes.

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Conservation Easements »

Charitable Donations of Land may provide charitable donation tax benefits for qualifying investors. Internal Revenue Code 170(h) (26 USC §170). 

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Oil and Gas Investments »

Intangible Drilling Costs (IDCs) may offer tax advantages for qualifying investors. Internal Revenue Code 263(c). IRS Oil and Gas Handbook

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Real Estate Investment Trusts »

REITs can provide tax advantaged distributions depending on the depreciation schedule of the underlying real estate. 

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Tax Planning »

For tax planning, preparation, and strategies, Jeff Trapp of The Tax Planning Pros is available to our valued clients. 

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Strategic Relationships »

We utilize a variety of relationships to strategize and collaborate about each client’s unique situation.

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